Important News

OSSTA membership fees are due by Monday May 11th.  Membership enteries will be closed.  All team who have not registered by May 11th will be required to pay the Non-Members fee for each tournament.

OSSTA is looking for Hosts for the OSSTA Girls and Boys Championships which will be held in late August.

If your Association is interesed please contact Al Betts

If you have any questions, please contact Al Betts


Bat Standards


Acceptable Certification Stamps:

  • Any bat that appears on the WBSC Softball Approved Bat List and has a current ISF certification stamp (2005 only) will be accepted for play at a Softball Canada event or,
  • Any bat that appears on the USA Softball Approved Bat List and has an ASA 2000 or 2004 certification stamp will also be accepted for play at a Softball Canada event.
  • The bat must meet the compression standards outlined by the certifying organization and may be tested to ensure they are in the proper range.
  • The bat must still pass a visual inspection per the current Softball Canada rulebook.

Photos from 2019