Important News

All 2022 weekly tournaments will be listed by Apil 1st.

Must be a member to received reduced tournament fee.

Rules for the upcoming tournaments will be updated shortly

If your association is interested in hosting a tournament please send Al Betts an email at

If you have any question please let us know.


Bat Standards


Acceptable Certification Stamps:

  • Any bat that appears on the WBSC Softball Approved Bat List and has a current ISF certification stamp (2005 only) will be accepted for play at a Softball Canada event or,
  • Any bat that appears on the USA Softball Approved Bat List and has an ASA 2000 or 2004 certification stamp will also be accepted for play at a Softball Canada event.
  • The bat must meet the compression standards outlined by the certifying organization and may be tested to ensure they are in the proper range.
  • The bat must still pass a visual inspection per the current Softball Canada rulebook.

Photos from 2019